Like the Olive Tree: Stories of Courage and Resilience of Twenty-Four Peace Activists.

These twenty four thrilling and inspiring true stories from around the globe show ordinary people being moved to work for peace, facing dangers like hate crime, death threats, alienation, heartbreak, and more, and finding sources of resilience and the strength to go on. Come on a global journey and see how folks in some of the world’s most intractable conflicts and oppressive situations, sometimes with little but themselves and each other, find ways to make a difference. “Like the Olive Tree” is not only an uplifting collection of stories, it is also packed with practical advice for keeping your chin up and moving forward in tough situations. Ultimately, this book carries the hopeful message that peacemakers are not a special breed apart, but are, in many ways, just like ourselves.

Authored by Christian Cito Cirhigiri, Maija Jespersen, and Lora Nelson, Like The Olive Tree was made possible through the generous support of The Pollination Project and Conducive Space for Peace. You can order your copy by following this link. Stay tuned for the French, Arabic, and Spanish versions soon!

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