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Started in 2016 , Peacemaker 360 is a registered communication nonprofit (501c3) founded by Christian Cirhigiri, a peace activist from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The initiative is the result of years of commitment to promoting youth participation in peacebuilding processes in his home country and his work around the world. As part of his master’s thesis research, Christian explored the roles played by young activists in eastern Congo, Burundi and Sri Lanka in promoting ethnic reconciliation in their communities. One of the key findings of this research was the lack of visibility in both mainstream and social media of the incredible works and life stories of young peacebuilders around the world. 

This realization encouraged Christian to build an online platform to tell young peacebuilders’ stories and build a supportive global community for peacebuilding professionals to inspire each other and share useful knowledge and resources with each other. This was the beginning of an exciting Peacemaker 360 life!. Out team continues to grow and our work even more needed around the world. Kindly, consider supporting our cause by connecting us with activists in your community or by donating any amount to help us reach more young peacebuilders through our joint efforts. To learn more about the campaign write to Christian.cirhigiri@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page.

Our team

Meet The Brains Behind The Success of Peacemaker360°

Christian Cito Cirhigiri


Christian Cito Cirhigiri is a Congolese peace activist with eight years supporting youth participation in peacebuilding processes in eastern Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi. Christian is passionate about mass communications and the role of social media to foster knowledge and experience sharing among peacebuilding professionals around the world

Daniel Rivkin

senior advisor

Daniel Rivkin is an international media executive, who has worked in some 70 countries as a journalist, producer, bureau chief, and global product manager for Reuters, and then as a general manager and corporate communications consultant for governments and some of the world’s largest companies, NGOs and international agencies.

Maija Jespersen


Maija Jespersen is a writer and researcher focused on normative violence and positive peace. Her publications include, “Men are not Yang and Women are not Yin: Gender Construction in the Tao Te Ching and I Ching” and, “The Goddess-Worshipping Age: Feminist Egalitarianism in Prehistory and Early History,” in Feminism and Religion: How Faiths View Women and Their Rights (2016)

Jessica Kastoun


Australian  Lawyer and Mediator of Lebanese background who is passionate to promote human rights everywhere. Jessica is keen on supporting the rights of marginalized individuals and communities.