Shaping peace narratives in Gambia through writing: Meet Lalo Bajo.

Activist of the day: Meet Lalo Bajo, Gambia.

1) Could you describe the first moment when you realized you wanted to do this work? An immeasurable pleasure filled my heart when I took the first step writing and speaking about peace. For the first time, I felt I was striving for a course that I believe I am truly meant to undertake. A strike back from the purveyors of war and violence was the first challenge that I thought of. I spend most of my time in writing articles to address key issues relating to violence, war and injustices. These articles entail problems, solutions and recommendations. Some key issues that I write about include intolerance, war, tribalism, global peace, and the role of governments in attaining sustainable peace among others. My articles could be found on my blog which I refer to as a reservoir. Just like any other reservoir, it provides substantial consumption of peaceful words. The website could be accessed on The first month in which the reservoir was established different people from about 20 countries from different parts of the world visited the blog. The number of followers keeps increasing as the articles are shared on whatsApp groups, Linkdin, Twitter, Instagram etc. The myth of the pen is constantly utilized to change many more minds and prepare hearts to love.

2) What has been your hardest struggle so far, and how did you get over it? The fight to spread peace in every nook and cranny of the globe is always greeted with mountainous challenges. One of the factors retarding the progress of my work is financial constraint. I have a big ambition of establishing an organization where youth from all corners of the globe could contribute in attaining sustainable peace, This however, still remains an unfulfilled dream for me. The biggest challenge is the fight from the purveyors of injustices in my country, The Gambia government. My articles address key issues relating from injustices, corruption and inclusive institution. However, governments never smile at such articles and therefore does not grant little opportunity to the champions of such movements, myself inclusive. Since I started work I was never supported by the government and constantly regarded as an opposition. This encourages me even more to address corruptness of our government, tribalism, and encourage transparency.

Young people are the present and the future of this globe. Our voice is the most important weapon in driving the globe toward sustainable peace. Let us rise up and make our voices heard’ ; contribute in making relevant decisions and undertake tasks geared towards making the world a better place for us. People could access me on: +2203248870/9500508,